Philoxenia ...What's mine is yours...



Philoxenia… what’s mine is yours… my home… my stories… my table… my food…

Philoxenia (Φιλοξενία) is a unique Greek word derived from philos (φίλος) meaning friend, and xenos (ξένος) meaning stranger or foreigner. But the real meaning is lost in translation, as it encompasses something much greater and which is inherent in the psyche of every Greek… their unquestionable generosity of spirit to share.

That’s why in the remotest and poorest villages of Greece you will be welcomed with open arms; given a place at their table and fed with the best they have to offer.

As Nikos Katzanzakis says:

“…O for my late Grandfather in Crete who took his lantern each evening and made the rounds of the village to see if any stranger had come. He would take him home, feed him, give him a bed for the night, and then in the morning send him off with a cup of wine and a slice of bread.”

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