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Festive greens

I’ve had so many requests for the “recipe” for my festive wreath of greens that I thought I’d tell you all just how easy it is. But first I’ll let you into a secret – there’s no recipe! It’s made up of whatever vegetables you like arranged on a platter – it’s that simple. It […]

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Halcyon Days

According to the Greek legend, Halcyon, (Aλκυών, Alkion) the kingfisher, charms the winds and the seas every winter solstice, so she can lay her eggs on a calm, safe, floating nest. Hence, Halcyon Days (Αλκυώνιδες Μερες, Alkionedes Meres) signifying peace and tranquility. If you’re lucky enough to be in Crete in winter, you can indeed […]

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Santorini’s fine line betweeen art and reality

Over 30 years ago, Lawrence Durrell wrote of Santorini in his book The Greek Islands… “It is hardly a matter of surprise that few, if any, good descriptions of Santorini have been written: the reality is so astonishing that prose and poetry, however winged, will forever be forced to limp behind”. Today this still applies, […]

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Philoxenia …What’s mine is yours…

There are some wonderful words in the Greek language which unfortunately, have no accurate translation or English equivalent. Philoxenia is one of them.  Philoxenia (Φιλοξενία) is derived from the word philos (φίλος) meaning friend, and xenos (ξένος) meaning stranger or foreigner. But the real meaning is definitely lost in translation, as it encompasses something much […]

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Friendship is meeting your previously unknown twin soul for the very first time, wearing the same Balinese-print shorts even though you live on opposite sides of the world! Friendship is idly watching the sun sink into an inky sea, leaving a trail of pink taffeta as you silently sit in each other’s company. It’s committing […]

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