A Birthday celebration

It’s been 12 months today since I started Postcard Pictures and I could never have dreamed it would lead to so many new friends scattered all around the world; all linked through a passion for photography, creativity, a good story and bonhomie. 
Thank you for making me feel so welcome; for your encouragement; for your heart-felt comments and for following me as I trip through life with a camera glued to my face!
This has been such a creative boon for me and I now permanently look at life through a lens! 
Postcard Pictures has also re-kindled my creative writing juices which were in serious need of a kick!  I really love that what gives me great joy, also resonates with you.
 So what better way to celebrate a birthday than with a birthday post! 
My Vintage Girl LOVES birthday parties with a theme.  
Since she could first talk, she devised themes and colours;  designed invitations and together, we worked on interesting variations of party food and cakes.
The 10th just had to be hot pink and lime….
The 14th was a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party ….
…. with mix and match tea cups, saucers and teaspoons from local vintage shops
…. playing cards which became name tags, written backwards just to add a little madness!
And hand-made crepe paper and tissue roses sat in 
Wellington boots 
Best of all, everyone took home their cup, saucer, teaspoon and a paper flower ….
So there was no clearing up!
And the 15th was in fact a 5th Birthday party….
complete with fairy bread; chocolate coated strawberries; chocolate crackles and jelly cups and
pass the parcel
pin the tail on the donkey 
musical chairs.
Sometimes, the older they are the younger they play

© 2012 Francesca Muir

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  • Malyss August 21, 2012   Reply →

    So many celebrations , and so many great and funny ways to celebrate! Happy Bloganniversary, dear Francesca!blogging is bringing to us all so much fun, pleasure, inspiration, friends!Happy celebration on the web!

  • Alexandra August 21, 2012   Reply →

    Happy happy Blog Birthday mama! I'm glad my birthdays have brought about such a great post. May this be your first Blog Birthday of many more to come! ♥ ♥ Alexandra ♥ ♥

  • Mum August 21, 2012   Reply →

    Wow and wow again! Such imaginative birthdays this wonderfully imaginative mother gives to her enchanting daughter who is growing up too fast. And do you remember the small yellow wind-up battery-run gramophone in southern Tanganyika which always slowed down before the end of the small records we played? And the cowboy and indian costumes we made and playing giant's footsteps beneath the tall trees in the intense heat? It sometimes seems like yesterday. Love

  • This is Belgium August 26, 2012   Reply →

    congratulations and many more !

  • lisa | renovating italy August 26, 2012   Reply →

    It can't be a year already can it?
    Time flies as they say, I love your parties…I did one for Carina, a masquerade party which she loved. She would love your Mad Hatter tea party. ciao lisa x

    A big birthday wish for your blog, I love seeing your photos x

  • Francesca Muir August 26, 2012   Reply →

    Oh I love the idea of a masquerade party – not we will have to think about this one! Thank you Lisa xx

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