Santorini’s fine line betweeen art and reality


Over 30 years ago, Lawrence Durrell wrote of Santorini in his book The Greek Islands…


It is hardly a matter of surprise that few, if any, good descriptions of Santorini have been written: the reality is so astonishing that prose and poetry, however winged, will forever be forced to limp behind”.


Today this still applies, and will I believe, be so for ever more.


For on this Cycladic jewel of the Aegean, the line between art and reality is severely blurred.


For the purity of colour and simplicity of line is food for the soul and a photographer’s and hedonist’s dream.


She leaves me breathless, my brain laden with indelibly etched images and with a deep sense of peace and serenity…


… for here I have tasted the life of a Lotus-Eater and sat on the footsteps of heaven.



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