What’s in a name?

Simon and Garfunkel…
Greek lamb…
Growing wild and pungent under a Cretan sun…
…better dried than fresh
Profound wisdom…
Pesto pasta…
Basileus…Greek…the King
Anthos… dew of the sea…
More lamb!
Summer Mojitos…
Frannie xx   

© 2014 Francesca Muir

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  • Virginia March 30, 2014   Reply →

    Oh what a wonderful remembrance of these wonderful herbs. Mine….. mint!

  • Francesca Muir March 30, 2014   Reply →

    Delicious in every way – whole or crushed in everything V – from salads, to fruit salads to drinks to ice cubes…even in a vase on the kitchen table! Fxx

  • It's that thyme of year hey Fran. We've been in the garden all morning trying to thin out the tomatoes. Just making a gougere with fresh eggs and a little fresh basil. I can smell those beauties from here.

  • Francesca Muir March 30, 2014   Reply →

    Definitely thyme for lunch Marg – be over in a mint with basket of herbs… F xx

  • Cathryn Chapman March 30, 2014   Reply →

    You succeeded in making me hungry!

  • Francesca Muir March 30, 2014   Reply →

    I am too Cathryn, so I have just made some soup with thyme and sage and the house smells fantastic! Coming over? Fx

  • Jackie and Joel Smith March 30, 2014   Reply →

    We were out among the wild thyme plants in the Peloponnese just yesterday Francesca! In a few weeks we will be back in Crete — it feels like coming home. I know you understand. xo Jackie

  • Francesca Muir March 30, 2014   Reply →

    Oh I can't tell you how envious I am – have a wonderful time and looking forward to your posts. My love to you and Crete. Fxx

  • Malyss March 31, 2014   Reply →

    there's a lot of poetry in names and words, even the most simple ones . They feed imagination, give birth to pictures that will make us dream .. like this beautiful post!

  • Francesca Muir March 31, 2014   Reply →

    Thank you Malyss – words and pictures and the simpler the better. Evocative and profound – just like your words above. Have a great week F x

  • kboom tish!! ha

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