Hydrangea’s heartfelft emotions

A symbol of heartfelt emotions…

… an expression of gratitude for understanding.

Discovered in the land of the rising sun, your moniker hails from the land of the Greeks

Hydrangea – Water jar – a link to your undying thirst.

Like a good friend you visit me once a year and we pick up where we left off…

Sometimes a little more jaded….

Sometimes a little more faded.

But never mind.

You grace me with your elegance and serenity

From your explosion of colour as pompoms of little stars laced together

To a gradual dimming…

Paling greens and just a hint of royalty

Like an aging star trying to rekindle the blooms of youth.

Slightly withered.

Frozen in time.

Statuesque. Crisp. Dry.

A shadow of your former self,

your beauty radiates in every guise.

Thank you for the endless joy you bring into my home.

And until we meet again for a coffee and a chat…

Happy New Year!

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  • Mum January 13, 2017   Reply →

    Delicious and delightful and delectable (though not edible!) are your images and thoughts. Love your homage to the hydrangeas and the glimpse of you two small people so long ago. And the one of you now! Love

  • Marsha Scott January 31, 2017   Reply →

    Hello, my love….

    Just have to tell you I have big beautiful white hydrangea sitting on the table in front of me right this minute. And, I completely agree with you on all the stages they go through. I love them dried too. Making the deposit for the Crete trip tomorrow, and looking into the flight information to Athens from Houston. Actually, I didn’t realize we were almost in Turkey !! I’ve looked through the entire itinerary and it looks fabulous! My deceased husband and I travelled very well and I know my trips will be very different nowadays, however, I think this will be good for me. And, it gives me enough time to get in shape & lose some weight !!!! Sending love, Frannie….

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