Hydrangea’s heartfelft emotions

A symbol of heartfelt emotions…

… an expression of gratitude for understanding.

Discovered in the land of the rising sun, your moniker hails from the land of the Greeks

Hydrangea – Water jar – a link to your undying thirst.

Like a good friend you visit me once a year and we pick up where we left off…

Sometimes a little more jaded….

Sometimes a little more faded.

But never mind.

You grace me with your elegance and serenity

From your explosion of colour as pompoms of little stars laced together

To a gradual dimming…

Paling greens and just a hint of royalty

Like an aging star trying to rekindle the blooms of youth.

Slightly withered.

Frozen in time.

Statuesque. Crisp. Dry.

A shadow of your former self,

your beauty radiates in every guise.

Thank you for the endless joy you bring into my home.

And until we meet again for a coffee and a chat…

Happy New Year!

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  • Valerie Muir January 27, 2019   Reply →

    Your January 2017 ode to the hydrangea has just caught my eye – two years later but it’s never too late to tell you dear daughter that it is the most beautifully worded and photographed ode I have ever come across. You share your gifts with such perfection. Keep on keeping on! Love Mum xx

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