A Chatter of Daisies

A chatter of daisies heralds the spring
Their pert, sun-kissed faces beaming amidst the green
“The daisies are here” 
“The daisies are here” 
chorus the bees
As they flit from baby bud to baby bud
Then onto the brazen teens – beaming and open to all that pass
(And shamelessly unafraid of the cheeky breezes ruffling their petticoats)
Before settling amongst the faded stars
Their golden domes proudly standing on wilting skirts 

A cloak of delicate mauve shrugs the bed

…is spring!

© 2013 Francesca Muir

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  • I wish i could look and admire your photographs all the time Francesca.
    I keep learning from you.

  • Francesca Muir September 9, 2013   Reply →

    Oh thank you Costas – I am so touched by your comment – you've made my week! F x

  • bagnidilucca September 10, 2013   Reply →

    Daisies are such happy flowers…gorgeous photos.

  • lisa | renovating italy September 11, 2013   Reply →

    One of my favorites along with daffodils and sunflowers, just so happy and yes a chatter sums them up perfectly! Beautiful photos, xxx

  • Mum September 14, 2013   Reply →

    I need to look up my Thesaurus to find words to adequately describe how I feel about your daisies. Spectacular photography and choice of words -so delicate – I wish I could frame them and hang them on my walls. Love

  • Francesca Muir September 14, 2013   Reply →

    Thank you Deb – they are a picture this year – must be the warm winter we've had. F x

  • Francesca Muir September 14, 2013   Reply →

    Thank you Lisa – yes I agree totally with sunflowers – love their beaming smiles. Fx

  • Francesca Muir September 14, 2013   Reply →

    Thank you Mum – I knew you'd love the daisies – they are a picture at our front steps – such a happy entrance to our little home. F x

  • Travesti September 21, 2013   Reply →

    Thanks for writing in such an encouraging post. Travesti

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