A Scotland Island affair

is a warm touch of red amongst the trees

An al fresco lunch under dappled light
A repast symphony of Mediterranean olives ….
….chilled wines and minted water
Blushing mango cheeks …
Exotic salads boasting the colours of the rainbow ….
…. and bowls of luscious berries.
Locals drop in from time to time ….
just to add a little colour!
And at day’s end, it’s a quick trip back to the mainland.
A Scotland Island affair 

is always an affair to remember!

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  • These are the posts that make me most homesick! A lake, a boat trip, those birds and that light. I really wish I could pop back this weekend!

    I love all those snatches of rich red. Xcat

  • Jackie and Joel Smith November 22, 2012   Reply →

    I love the way you have of focusing on a color and reminding us all of how lovely it is when used throughout nature and settings. Another beautiful post. xJ

  • Mum November 24, 2012   Reply →

    This is indeed an affair to remember and one of many in the past – what a sumptuous feast magically captured by an equally sumptuous photographer! (Can a human be sumptuous? I am sure not but you know what I mean}. Love and admiration from

  • lisa | renovating italy November 26, 2012   Reply →

    oh I'll miss fresh mango from our trees and the beauty of my homeland….gorgeous pics love lisa x

  • Francesca Muir November 28, 2012   Reply →

    Thank you Jackie and Joel – it's such a magical place and one you have to see one day!. F x

  • Francesca Muir November 28, 2012   Reply →

    Dear Cat – I shall post more for you to help quell the homesickness – it's glorious here now but heating up for a VERY hot summer. Warm wishes from Sydney. F x

  • Francesca Muir November 28, 2012   Reply →

    Thank you to my greatest and favourite admirer – my Mum. Love you xx

  • Francesca Muir November 28, 2012   Reply →

    But think what you will be going to Lisa – SO exciting – and the mangoes will always be here! See you soon F x

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