• LaPouyette October 11, 2011   Reply →

    Oh YES – just simply wonderful!

    Very, very lovely post, beautiful images with just the right 'captions'!

    Truly – "A picture is saying more than thousand words"

    warm greetings,

  • Francesca Muir October 11, 2011   Reply →

    Thank you Karin – they were just so enchanting and I was just so lucky to be there to photograph them.
    F x

  • Karen @ Pas Grand-Chose October 21, 2011   Reply →

    I so agree with Karin – these are the most exceptional images you've captured, and now I'm so curious to read about Cooktown!

  • Francesca Muir October 21, 2011   Reply →

    Thank you Karen – it is a wonderful place and I just loved photographing the children the most – such a joy to capture them. Fx

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