Stairway to paradise

A step to somewhere
Leading me to another space
Another place
They beckon me to follow
Up, up and up some more
To a greater place
A hollowed space
Some stairs lead nowhere
But I climb them nonetheless
For they promise a journey
Perhaps to paradise?

Some stairs lead down
And down and down some more
To a seat, to a door
To another view

And some stairs just are what they are
A step to rest upon
To while away the hours
As I watch the world go by.

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  • Hi Francesca….another reminder of how much I love your photography. Every step takes me somewhere…the fun part is imagining where. Thank you for that!

  • Jackie Smith March 22, 2013   Reply →

    What a beautiful look at such an everyday-taken-for-granted sight. I am given an idea for a future post (hope you don't mind)!

  • Pat Tillett March 22, 2013   Reply →

    wow! Very nice photos of an amazing place! I so badly want to go there someday…

  • Francesca Muir March 22, 2013   Reply →

    Thank you Pat. Do yourself a favour and visit just once – you won't be sorry! Have a lovely weekend F

  • Francesca Muir March 22, 2013   Reply →

    Oh Jackie – of course feel free – I look forward to seeing your inspiration. F xx

  • Francesca Muir March 22, 2013   Reply →

    Thank you Jeanne – I am glad you enjoyed the journey. Isn't it wonderful to be able to vicariously travel to every part of the world through this wonderful 'thing' called the internet? Loving your tales from Chateau Mango and its environs. Fxx

  • ana March 23, 2013   Reply →

    Love this pictures!!!

  • bagnidilucca March 23, 2013   Reply →

    Gorgeous photos…I must go to Greece.

  • Mum March 23, 2013   Reply →

    Santorini, Atlantis – call it what you will – is a photographer’s dream and you have captured it perfectly. Stunning angles and steps leading to your dreams. Love every step of the way!

  • How beautiful! I'd love to laze around Greece a bit. When I get the chance I'll be running to you for info! Xxcat

  • This is Belgium March 23, 2013   Reply →

    i am not all that far away, gives me some inspiration too

  • Francesca Muir March 23, 2013   Reply →

    Absolutely Cat – any time and maybe I might be there too – you never know! Fx

  • Francesca Muir March 23, 2013   Reply →

    Thank you Mum and let's walk these stairs together again one day. xx

  • Francesca Muir March 23, 2013   Reply →

    You won't be disappointed Debra. Love you latest post -thank you F xx

  • Francesca Muir March 23, 2013   Reply →

    Hi Ana – thank you – have a lovely Sunday xx

  • Francesca Muir March 23, 2013   Reply →

    Oh I am so happy that this has inspired you – I love stairs – they are a mystery invariably leading to somewhere or something unexpected! Have a happy week. F x

  • Loree March 25, 2013   Reply →

    Santorini is beautiful. I long to visit. I love your photos 🙂

  • Francesca Muir March 25, 2013   Reply →

    Thank you Loree and Welcome! It's a MUST see place – even for a couple of days! F

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