Summer’s slow roasted beets and bonhomie

Alfresco dining must be one of life’s simplest, and greatest joys.
This summer I’m in love with the huge variety of fresh seafood and chilled crunchy salads and vegetables.
My big favourite this year is fresh baby beetroot which I slow roast for a couple of hours with fresh thyme, cloves of garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper and a couple of good lugs of balsamic vinegar.
Baby octopus and calamari are exceptional at the moment.
 I marinate them in olive oil; fresh chillies; crushed garlic; a good grind of fresh pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice for about an hour.
Then I quickly cook them quickly in a hot pan for no more than a minute on each side.
Serve with chunky sour dough bread and chilled white wine.
Add good friends and liberal servings of laughter and bonhomie…
And life doesn’t get much better!
Frannie xx   
© 2014 Francesca Muir

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  • Amanda Davies January 17, 2014   Reply →

    Can you please come and cook the octopus for us tonight!!

  • Francesca Muir January 17, 2014   Reply →

    How about you come to me next Thursday Amanda? Fxx

  • Pauline Brettell January 17, 2014   Reply →

    it all looks lovely – and i agree, nothing finer than good food, a glass of wine and a few friends!

  • Rambling Tart January 17, 2014   Reply →

    How absolutely beautiful!! I love the sounds of both of these dishes, and the table setting is wonderful. 🙂

  • Jackie and Joel Smith January 18, 2014   Reply →

    My mouth is watering! We are in the midst of 'slow cooker' season when soups and stews simmer the winter day away and warm us at night. (I'd rather be dining with you!)

  • Things and Thoughts January 18, 2014   Reply →

    Great Mediterranean recipes and an inviting table setting! This is all I love!
    Happy week end!

  • Francesca Muir January 18, 2014   Reply →

    Thank you – please join me any time. F x

  • Francesca Muir January 18, 2014   Reply →

    Thank you Pauline – one day we may share a glass of vino together! F x

  • Francesca Muir January 18, 2014   Reply →

    Olympia – thank you so much and a happy weekend to you too from Sydney F x

  • Francesca Muir January 18, 2014   Reply →

    Jackie come back soon and join me in my little courtyard – a glass of wine awaits you both. Sending you warm wishes from Sydney F x

  • Mum January 19, 2014   Reply →

    I wish I wish – all the above is so appropriate I need say no more! Love

  • Francesca Muir January 19, 2014   Reply →

    One day soon MUM! F XX

  • Mum January 20, 2014   Reply →

    How lovely your alfresco table setting is – that miraculous blue that reflects the shades of the Aegean – what an artist you are my daughter. Yes soon I hope.

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