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Philoxenia …What’s mine is yours…

There are some wonderful words in the Greek language which unfortunately, have no accurate translation or English equivalent. Philoxenia is one of them.  Philoxenia (Φιλοξενία) is derived from the word philos (φίλος) meaning friend, and xenos (ξένος) meaning stranger or foreigner. But the real meaning is definitely lost in translation, as it encompasses something much […]

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Friendship is meeting your previously unknown twin soul for the very first time, wearing the same Balinese-print shorts even though you live on opposite sides of the world! Friendship is idly watching the sun sink into an inky sea, leaving a trail of pink taffeta as you silently sit in each other’s company. It’s committing […]

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The Symphony of the Land

Goat bells are the symphony of the land in Greece. A Greek word symphōnos (σύμφωνος) meaning harmonious, it changes with the heat of the day. The allegro movement at dawn is a dulcet-toned melody interspersed with plaintive baby bleats and the shrill shepherd’s whistle as they eagerly gambol into the day – nature’s wake-up call. During the noon of […]

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That Pesky Apostrophe in It’s!

It’s a bugbear of mine… Not a serious one… But a bugbear nonetheless, and it’s actually quite easy to remember… So here goes… It is about the meaning of it’s! It’s simply “It is”… Or “It has”… … Nothing else… Ever! As in… It’s a dull day meaning,  It is a dull day Or It’s […]

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