That Greek Blue

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Stairway to paradise

Stairs… A step to somewhere Leading me to another space Another place They beckon me to follow Up, up and up some more To a greater place A hollowed space Some stairs lead nowhere But I climb them nonetheless For they promise a journey Perhaps to paradise? Some stairs lead down And down and down […]

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The Music in Me

Round, like a circle in a spiral Like a wheel within a wheel The music in my mind plays on Painting pictures that only I can see. It’s the drumming of my fingers. The rhythm in my ears. The movement in my head And the beat at the door to my soul My feet don’t […]

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The allure of the Sea

She pulls She pushes She splashes She teases She beckons She cajoles  As she leaves trails of droplets  and laughter She’s generous, And like a cat with a mouse She leaves behind her, Wet and bedraggled treasures She’s warm and inviting Never  sleeps And always has the last laugh   She cavorts joyously along the […]

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An oasis in the city

There’s a tiny courtyard squeezed inside terrace walls   Where I sit and have coffee in a secret garden And reflect on the mirrored wall   …and enjoy the serenity in every corner. A trompe-l’oeil leads me to this secret oasis   Where a comatosed cat sleeps on a leafy wall   And a semi-comatosed Pumpkin […]

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