That Greek Blue

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Shades of coral

 Shades of coral… … are sometimes darker in hue…  … an explosion of warmth and perfection… … often too good to be true… … whether in flight…   … or simply looking at you! Found first thing in the morning… … or sometime around sundowner…   … often in the oddest of places…   … […]

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Winter fruit

An icy snow-bitten wind snaps at the fronds of the Monstera Deliciosa… The Fruit Salad Plant… Particularly apt here as its shredded leaves frame a pyramid of limes basking in the winter sun Where bitter sweet kumquats glow and patiently wait to be marmalade As a tumble of pomegranates masquerade as camellias And ever-delicious expats […]

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Getting my feet wet

Dipping my toes in… Always tentative and somewhat nervous – though of what I have no idea Crashing in, it swirls around my ankles Glistening bubbles chattering away at my toes A momentary gasp. Cold! But then the ocean and my feet part company And we are left on the sand… Damp and invigorated. I […]

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Greek roasted vegetables – aka Briam!

This hearty Mediterranean vegetarian dish is a weekly favourite in our house.  And as it only takes about 10 minutes to prepare, I love it even more! Known as a Lader or Lathera dish (from the Greek Lathi meaning oil),  it’s simple, peasant-style cooking and an absolute classic! It’s traditionally made with potatoes, aubergine and […]

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A touch of red

Touches of red here and there breathe of life… …like feeding strays on a lack lustre day   And lilies framed by Aegean blue.   Of the day’s catch pegged out to dry     And of shutters against a Mediterranean sun…     …and balconies with views into tomorrow…   It sighs as it frames […]

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Iconic Australia

Iconic Australia is a place of corrugated iron roofs in shades of rust and grey Where centuries old fireplaces seemingly prop up sagging walls   And sandstone cottages peek out from behind lilac bushes and autumnal vines. It’s where lush arbors and lawns are the envy of every green keeper   And weatherboard cottages framed by palomino palings are […]

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