That Greek Blue

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My Spiritual Home

There’s one place on earth where I don’t like to sleep as I don’t want to miss a thing. I don’t want to waste a minute of the day, or night. It’s my spiritual home.  It’s the place where I take off my suit of armour and just be Me. It’s where I breathe deeply, […]

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Iconically Australian…

At exactly 33.89S and 151.27E you will have reached your destination!     Iconically Australian and delightfully quirky…   …welcome to The Grounds by the Sea…       A Pop-Up Cafe in Marks Park  and The Grounds of Alexandria‘s Baby sister, It’s where comfort is paramount… And unfortunately, NOT for sale! It’s where refreshments entice […]

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It’s dinner time!

It’s dinner time…   But I am loathe to share! And I have a question:  “Just how long do they think my neck is?” But I guess there is method in their madness…     …as there is more than enough to go round! Frannie xx          © 2014 Francesca Muir

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With the wisdom of Athena’s owl

 Be off my wonderful, fine Friend. Cammeray, Sydney – Australia          Fly with the winds behind you, Sydney Harbour –  Australia the sun over you Cremorne Point, Sydney – Australia and the world at your feet. Oia, Santorini – Greece Take with you my love,  Vienna – Austria My admiration    Oia, Santorini […]

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The colours of the Sydney Fish Markets

The Sydney Fish Markets are a rainbow of delight… from the silver slivers of the Atlantic salmon…  to the golden eyes of the orange sea bass. Then there’s the gentle pink hues of the New Zealand snapper … And the luminous emerald of the Green-lipped mussel… Not forgetting the gentle baby pink underbelly of the octopus.   There’s […]

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The hues of the earth

… reflect a tranquility and calm… …strut around with noisy abandon…   …are cheap…   … a labour of love…     … whittled into a dying art form …   … ride the crest of silent waves…   … create surprises around every corner   …provide welcome relief under the shade of ancient olive trees…   […]

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