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Athenian love

…. the sun setting in an orange haze over the Saronic Gulf   …. glimpses of the Acropolis overhead   …. the harmony of the ancient, the old and the new   …. Corinthian, Ionic and even Doric  …. sesame-crisp koulouria from a barrow in the Plaka …. the blaze of colour at the bag […]

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Bali offerings

I was captivated by the beauty and intricacy of design of the Bali Hindu offerings. Small hand-made baskets called canang sari are offered to the Gods three times a day   The canang is a tray made from coconut or palm leaves,  and the sari are the items placed on the trays     Filled with rice, flowers, sweets, biscuits […]

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The lost city of Atlantis

The picturesque fishing village of Elounda on the Gulf of Korfos  in Eastern Crete embraces its vivid  Minoan, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian, Ottoman and French history    It boasts the sunken remains of the lost Minoan city of Olous; the remains of a Byzantine chapel, Venetian salt flats and French feats of engineering     A […]

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