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An oasis in the city

There’s a tiny courtyard squeezed inside terrace walls   Where I sit and have coffee in a secret garden And reflect on the mirrored wall   …and enjoy the serenity in every corner. A trompe-l’oeil leads me to this secret oasis   Where a comatosed cat sleeps on a leafy wall   And a semi-comatosed Pumpkin […]

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A precious visitor

She blew in on the South wind Settling on a branch, twisted dry with time She found a home where she could rest Camouflaged against the wall outside number 34 Perched atop gnarled branches in terracotta Watched over by a Sage in sun-kissed grey She’ll stay until the next sea breeze, when she’ll continue her […]

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A beautiful friendship

They dance on shimmering sands Their sun-kissed limbs glistening in the fading sun   Their limbs entwine A friendship of old Renewed on a foreign shore  Laughing, they frolic in the waves Hair flying, caught by sea spray As if carried by unseen mischievous nymphs   Their joy is palpable Their faces alive And they […]

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If walls could speak

If walls could speak they’d speak in whispers of sad tales of orphans and delinquent girls lost of convicts with gunpowder, quarrying stone and prison views across the bay of warehouses on water  and winds which whistle down the Heads.  They’d speak of Ship Builders and Joiners’ shops and of utter isolation and decay. Of dark […]

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Heralding in the New Year

Heralding in another New Year so soon? What happend to this year? … and last year? … and the years before that?   Where did the days go? What have we done in this time?   Why haven’t I seen more of you … Sat holding your hand a little longer when you are sad […]

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Lemon, lemóni, limoni

I made my favourite Moroccan lamb and Cous Cous salad the other day and horror of horrors  – only a quarter of preserved lemon left in the jar!    Fortunately I had all the ingredients handy –  very simply, lemons and rock salt!  First up – thoroughly sterilize your jar – I use boiling water […]

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