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January musings

I have a funny feeling I’m about to gallop through another year, But the problem is I’m not ready. Because you see, I’m still looking for June and August last year, and come to think about it, I am not sure May was there either? They tell me they were there… in which case where the […]

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Christmas and the child in us all

A kookaburra song heralds the morn And all is still, as daylight’s humid fingers creep over night’s shadows. My early bird stumbles in – bright eyes peering through tumbling, sleepy hair …dragging a pillowcase bursting full of surprises  and rustling in anticipation with her every move. Light forces its way through the curtains A spotlight […]

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My December lists

Oh how I love the traditions of December… The intentions… The planning… The decisions… The list of lists… The  Christmas card to photograph  Timing it right for overseas postage Writing messages… addressing… stamping And the tree… traditional or modern… big or small… simple or cluttered…  elegant or kitsch? Decorating is a ceremony for us – the […]

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A chorus of cicadas

They’re a dead give-away The chorus of cicadas in the suffocating bleached dawn.     Ominous.                      Oppressive.          Overwhelming.      The heat is coming. Even Milo cuts short his walk He and the birds are panting and it’s not six o’clock yet […]

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The Art of Decoration

Take a length of otherwise ordinary tulle… …Add in a few bright baubles And the green fruit of the Gods and Goddesses   Dionysus, Aphrodite, Pomona and Hera And with a sprinkle of stars from the night sky, You have a stunning table decoration. It’s a simple idea  But the result is supremely elegant. When […]

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Simply the best Cretan fare!

One of the many joys of living on the island of Crete was the food. Not surprising really, given that it lies at the heart of the Mediterranean Diet and boasts the best, healthiest olive oil in the world. Every Wednesday we’d head to the open market below the hospital to buy the freshest ingredients, often […]

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