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A Chatter of Daisies

A chatter of daisies heralds the spring Their pert, sun-kissed faces beaming amidst the green     “The daisies are here”    “The daisies are here”  chorus the bees     As they flit from baby bud to baby bud   Then onto the brazen teens – beaming and open to all that pass   […]

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A sassy spring picnic

  The first day of spring sees a Middle Eastern breakfast on the beach.   Under dappled light…   a bevvy of bamboo brollies…   gently shade a feast… …of strawberries warmed by the sun   …haloumi grilled on an open flame    …pitta bread ready for filling   …and lovingly home-made Koftas.   Chilled lemon, […]

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Colour my world – The Capture the Colour Photo Contest 2013

The super talented photographer, designer and blogger  Marg at Destination Here and Now  has nominated Postcard Pictures to take part in this year’s Capture The Colour Photo Contest run by The Travel Supermarket Thank you Marg! I have to show five photos capturing RED, BLUE, YELLOW, WHITE and GREEN.   Much easier said than done, but […]

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