That Greek Blue

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Shadows of illusion

Shadows of illusion Defiantly mark their spot Soft and cool in the morning sun A contrast of sorts, mimicking their maker Growing and contracting with time Until finally fading away. Shadows of illusion Soften and harden with the seasons And are re-born every day. © 2013 Francesca Muir

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My Cretan Cats

Σκουπίδια (Skoupidia meaning Rubbish in Greek)   came to me in the night. Walking home one evening I heard a kitten in the garbage bin. The rest is history! Bookmarks Ασπρούλη and Ασβεστη in the gardens of Villa Olga   (Asprouli means Whitey and Asvesti means Lime, as in the lime used  to whitewash Greek […]

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The blue table

There is a round blue table Which follows me around And appears when I least expect it! Small and squat And painted iconic Greek blue, She is warm and inviting And her legs are uneven Threatening spillage at the most awkward of times As she attempts to straddle uneven paths and balconies. But never mind, […]

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The art of the terracotta pot!

They are mere vessels for something grander… Aged and unkempt lurking behind doors… They cluster in uncluttered ways… Always appealing … Filling corners to perfection…   Stark… Dramatic… Occasionally a little worse for wear… The art of the terracotta pot… is simply beautiful! © 2013 Francesca Muir

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